joi, ianuarie 03, 2008

Ce are tara noastra mai bun: carnea

Hello Ingrid. There are many reasons why I enjoyed Romania. The landscape is very nice. Romanian people are the most coolest people I met. The main factor is Romanian girls. Romanian girls are very beautiful and talented, puts American girls to shame ;) Only downside in Romania are the drivers. People can't drive in Romania. I almost got hit more than once and that's when I was walking on the sidewalks :) Also many poor people which everywhere I went I was asked for money but that's no biggie. You Romanian girls Rocks and Rules! Thanks again for your time. Pa-Pa for now.
Am incheiat citatul.

Sau: "Romanians are Russians who speak better English".

Sau: " I like to have a Romanian girlfriend, because they really fall in love" ( portofel!)

Deci...friptura in fiecare zi? Sau mai trecem si pe ciorba?

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